EDA Volunteers

Environmental Discovery and Adventure (EDA) Program

The EDA Program is a 4-hour, hands-on, inquiry-based integrated field trip adventure offered during the academic year.  It is unique in that it offers opportunities for students, teachers, and chaperones to participate in both formal and informal experiences within the same thematic adventure. The program consists of a 45-minute archaeology/paleontology lesson, a  45-minute aquatic studies lesson, a 45-minute Sky Theater experience, a 30-minute scavenger hunt activity in the Crow Creek exhibit, a 30-minute Eagle Exhibit Hall experience, and a 20-minute lunch period. The program annually reaches over 15,000 students from 100+ schools in more than 20 school districts within a 35-mile radius of the University of North Texas Denton campus.

The role of volunteers during this program is to guide (escort) a group of no more than 25 students to and from each activity of their adventure according to a pre-set schedule that is based on the number of groups attending the field trip that day. Elm Fork staff educators provide activity instruction, and some of the activities are self-paced or regulated by the attending classroom teacher. Field trips are scheduled on weekdays throughout the academic year, and volunteers can sign up for as many days as they have available. Hours for volunteers are approximately 9:15 AM until 1:30 PM.

For more information please contact Marti Lathrop at marti.lathrop@unt.edu .