The Pre-visit material will help you prepare to get the very best educational experience for your class.  You will also find the on-site curricular material our instructors will be using during the day.  Finally, we highly encourage your use also of the Post-visit activities to ensure that your class draws as much from this experience as possible. 

Acknowledgements of Contribution:  

The University of North Texas; the Elm Fork Education Center; the Denton I.S.D.; Denton I.S.D. teachers:  Paige George, Sandy Hughes, Kim Kirkland, Pam Stranathan, Brenda Swircznski, Rebecca Williams, Cindy Venables; Mentor UNT scientists:  Dr. Jim Kennedy, Dr. Reid Ferring, & Dr. Ken Dickson; & supporter who donated materials, equipment, time, energy and expertise:  Brian Wheeler, Dick White, Bruce Hunter, Mark Anderson, David Iles, Martin Iles, Candy King, Glenda Cole, Julie Cross-Steele, Dr. Sam Matteson, Dr. Rudi Thompson and Vicky Christenson.      

 *Curricular materials are for educational use only.