Week 1 - June 6-10, 2022 | Elm Fork Education Center

Week 1 - June 6-10, 2022

2nd -4th Grade

Circle of Life - Campers will explore the complex connections of living systems. Every activity is designed to be hands-on, allowing campers to create unique projects that they will be able to take home with them. $125

3rd - 5th Grade

Simply Machines - Rediscover the technology that allowed ancient cultures to build pyramids, castles, ships that could cross oceans and the weapons used to destroy them all. Discover how modern engineers use the lever, wheel and inclined plane to build more efficient, faster and complex machines. $125

Dig-In Time - Dig-In Time is an archaeological adventure! As part of an archaeological team the campers will undertake an expedition to uncover the secrets of North Texas' past. Join us for a Dig-In Time and help uncover and discover the untold stories that lie in the soil! $125

6th- 8th Grade

X-Stream Adventure - Take the next step towards becoming a real scientist. Discover the wonders of working in the field, collecting data while standing ankle deep in mud, or using high tech instruments to make scientific observations. Join us if you think you can handle it as the Mean Green Environmental Machine takes students on exciting adventures. $150

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