Week 6 July 19-23, 2021 | Elm Fork Education Center

Week 6 July 19-23, 2021

2nd -4th Grade

Innovention - Innovention is an introduction to engineering! Campers will be brainstorming, designing, and building a new game or toy, or improving an existing product. In the course of the week, we will also investigate and discover new ways of accomplishing tasks, such as Squish Circuits. $125

3rd - 5th Grade

AstroKid Academy - Join a week of astronaut training. Campers will explore the universe, learn about the physical and mental preparation for space exploration and the science of launching a NASA shuttle into space. Campers will also work to build and launch their own rocket! $125

Just Beneath the Surface (JBS) - Have you ever wondered what makes a pond a pond? Or what the difference is between a lake and a pond, or a creek, stream and river. Campers will discover what's beneath the surface by examining the water itself and exploring insects, tadpoles, fish, microscopic organisms, and more. $125.

6th- 8th Grade

Environmental Crime Scene Investigation (ECSI) What is the Anthropocene? Have humans changed the Earth's climate? Do cows cause global warming? Learn to apply the forensic skills that climatologist use to build models of the Earth's atmosphere in the past and how they use that data to build predictive models. What does the evidence actually tell us? $125

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