Week 1 - June 12-16, 2023 | Elm Fork Education Center

Week 1 - June 12-16, 2023

2nd -4th Grade

Growing Up Wild @ Elm Fork- Based on the award winning Growing Up WILD nature program, our campers will be WILD for a camp that takes them on a journey of the WILD just outside their door. Wiggling like a worm, jumping like a grasshopper, or eating like a bird are just the beginning of being WILD in the Elm Fork outdoors. $125

3rd - 5th Grade

It's Snot Camp- Warning topics in this camp may not be suitable for the queasy or easily offended. It's Snot Camp is the study of all things gross. Snot, frass, puss, farts and more… If you were told not to discuss it at the dinner table we will be exploring it in camp. $125

Dig-In Time - Dig-In Time is an archaeological adventure! As part of an archaeological team the campers will undertake an expedition to uncover the secrets of North Texas' past. Join us for a Dig-In Time and help uncover and discover the untold stories that lie in the soil! $125

6th- 8th Grade

X-Stream Adventure - Take the next step towards becoming a real scientist. Discover the wonders of working in the field, collecting data while standing ankle deep in mud, or using high tech instruments to make scientific observations. $150