Week 4 - July 8-12, 2024 | Elm Fork Education Center

Week 4 - July 8-12, 2024

2nd -4th Grade

Catch a Wave - We may think of waves as water, sound or light, but what is actually moving on a wave? Scientist measure and analyze waves to discover distant planets millions of light years from earth, or to determine the exact point where an earthquake started. Come explore the energy riding the waves around us. $130

3rd - 5th Grade

Just Beneath the Surface (JBS) - Have you ever wondered what makes a pond a pond? Campers join us in discovering what's beneath the surface by examining the water itself and exploring insects, tadpoles, fish, microscopic organisms, and more. $130

The Producers - Before animal life emerged in the ocean and on land, autotrophs transformed our planet into a world. They thrived in an early Earth atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide. As they grew they created the foundation of an increasingly complex food web while transforming the Earth's atmosphere with oxygen. The Producers will focus on the role of plants from the ancient past to our current backyard garden.$130

6th- 8th Grade

Elements of Art - Explore the intersection of art and science to better understand the properties and performance of materials used to create art. Expand your knowledge of how to apply physics, chemistry and engineering to better understand how artists use materials. Each day of camp will include an in-depth study of the structure and properties of art making materials. Campers will then be able to test the performance of each material by creating their own art.