Week 5 July 15-19, 2024 | Elm Fork Education Center

Week 5 July 15-19, 2024

2nd -4th Grade

Innovention - Are you the kid that just has to take apart the toy to figure out how it works? Innovention is an introduction to engineering! Campers will be brainstorming, designing, and building a new game or toy, or improving an existing product. $130

3rd - 5th Grade

Science of Art - Knowledge of physics, chemistry and even biology can help an artist better understand and visualize the world they live in. Campers will experience first-hand how artists use science to make art. $130

Critter Camp - Evolution The Critter Camp series will be moving on to focus on the process of evolution. This camp will focus on the physical and behavioral adaptations that allow mammals to thrive even in urban environments. $130

6th- 8th Grade

Eco-Tech - Engineers make things work! Test your communication skill and creativity with small group problem solving challenges using recycled material. $155